Three CV mistakes that can cost your career?

Your CV or resume is the first impression you make in front of a company. It can constitute the difference between getting a job or not. There are certain dos and don’ts that you have to bear in mind while crafting a CV for yourself. A lot of candidates are refused in less than six seconds by the HR managers, because of the obvious mistakes they make in their CVs. Therefore, if you do not avoid certain obvious and silly CV mistakes they can cost you not just the job, but your career as well.

Here are the three CV mistakes that you should avoid at any cost –

Using cliched words – While writing a CV for the first time, most people make the mistake of following a set template without realizing the fact that even the HR managers know that you have copy pasted template words. This gives out an extremely negative impression in front of the manager, and they don’t hesitate for a moment in throwing your CV on to the trash. To ensure that it doesn’t happen to you avoid certain words, such as – Extensive experience, creative and innovative, expertly trained, etc.

Grammatical mistake – This point doesn’t even need an explanation it’s that silly. There is nothing more off putting than finding grammatical or typographic errors in CVs. Proofread it multiple times, or run it through Grammarly to ensure that it is free of grammatical errors.

Filling irrelevant information – You must have heard that a regular HR manager does not spend more than six seconds on your resume. This means that while writing a CV, only mention what is relevant to the job. If you go on and on about an accomplishment that doesn’t serve the job profile’s purpose, your CV will end up in the trash.

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