Three ways to bring out the best in your people

It’s a common question a lot of managers ask themselves, “How do you bring out the best in people?” The biggest concern for managers is the constant employee underperformance. The reasons behind poor performance could be anything from the lack of motivation, engagement, resources, skills, or poor managerial decisions. Good news is – there are simple and cost effective ways in which you can learn to bring out the best in your team and churn out desirable results. Here are the three ways to bring out the best in people –

Take an interest in their careers – One of the primary reasons why employees lose motivation is because they feel that their career hasn’t been advancing in the right direction, or that they have become complacent. If, as a manager, you haven’t shown interest in your employee’s career growth, that could be a reason why they aren’t performing to their full potential. Sit with your employees and show genuine interest in talking about their career advancements. Once you do that, you will find that your employee performance will increase at a fast rate.

Provide honest feedback on a regular basis – To ensure that your team is performing to its full potential, constantly provide honest feedback to them. Tell them about their shortcomings and strengths with utmost genuineness. This will help them better their work, and having a direct communication with the manager on a regular basis will provide instant motivation to work.

Lead by example – As a manager, you cannot sit in your comfortable chair and bark orders, expecting your employees to perform well. To truly inculcate motivation in your team, lead by example. Work hard and take up challenges yourself. If you do so, within no time, your team will start to follow.

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